SYNAPSIS010: Innerspace Halflife - Astral Traveling
  • SYNAPSIS010: Innerspace Halflife - Astral Traveling
  • MOSLP3
  • SKUDGE-W03: Innerspace Halflife - 1000 Light Years Of Acid
  • MOS_deep_015: Ike Release - Dream Sequencer EP
  • SYNCRO015LP: Innerspace Halflife - Wormhole Transmissions EP
  • SYNAPSIS009: Hakim Murphy - Murph Tone Jack Session Remixes
  • G2G04: Kat Channel - Second Floor EP (Ike Release Remix)
  • LNR001: 25 Places - X9 (Innerspace Halflife Remix)

DJ/Producer, Innerspace Halflife // EPISODES, Machining Dreams, M<O<S Deep, Skudge White, Finale Sessions, Syncrophone, Latency, Infrasonics // Chicago, USA



IR @ Concrete

Eyes, ears and mind are open. Your rules and criteria do not apply. The objective is not a plot for status or notoriety. It is a personal journey. An investigation into what can be done within a chosen framework. A reflection of myself into sound.

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